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Finding you the right supplier

Large company
Startups and

No matter your scale, you still require enterprise grade services to support your growth. You will be able to down select to the vendors that are specialist in supporting companies with low turnover.

Small office
Small and medium sized companies

Find a supplier that is specialised in supporting companies of your scale. Vendors on hifo will identify the size of client that they support – so you know you will down select to the right ones.

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Enterprise Companies

As regional or global enterprise, you need suppliers who have the team size and the geographical presence that enable you to receive the local support in the countries where you provide services from.

Annual Revenue: < £20m



/ month

Raise your profile and help great clients find you.

Annual Revenue: < £150m



/ month

Stand out from the crowd, and make it easy for clients to see what you do better.

Annual Revenue: > £150m



/ month

Choose the size of client you want to work with, and the regions where you want to grow your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hifo does not include reviews. Hifo keeps to the facts of a generic service offering, and then allows the company to identify how it provides that service offering differently or better.

While reviews can provide an element of reassurance, or of caution, the risk with positive reviews is that they are provided with too much goodwill (which is human nature), or indeed be inauthentic, versus bad reviews, which can be done in bad faith or on the basis of a lack of expertise.

Hifo's principle is that great companies are more able to identify what they do differently and better, so this should be the primary point of insight. And it should not be necessary to fight through differently structured websites to get this information.

The strength of a company on the hifo platform can be further validated by profitability, growth, and turnover.

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